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Web Services

Custom Interfaces to Make
TrackWise® Even More Powerful


Process Stream empowers your organization by bringing TrackWise® and your existing systems together. By creating custom interfaces for both front-end and back-end services, Process Stream can extend the existing functionalities of your TrackWise® platform, allowing for the implementation of efficient and intuitive business logic.

By connecting it via web-based interaction to a wide range of third-party platforms, Process Stream’s expert team of quality engineers, developers, and architects can empower your TrackWise® to operate with off-the-shelf systems as though they were a single, seamless operation. That means smoother processes with less opportunity for human error.


Past Web Services Applications

  • Integration with other pillar systems
  • Adding advanced jobs such as creating and keeping TrackWise records in sync
  • Looking up data that is not natively accessed in TrackWise® in real time
  • Posting TrackWise® activities and managing TrackWise® workflows from outside systems
  • Crunch complex custom business logic in seconds

These bullet-proof system interactions, developed and designed by Process Stream’s expert team of quality consultants, provide richer quality ecosystems that deliver powerful benefits across your entire operation.