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Software Innovation

Software Solutions for Today's Digital World

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Raise Your IQ

Our innovative software solutions improve operational efficiency and connect system capabilities with your organizational goals. Our intelligent software and approaches using tech-enabled, accelerated solutions simplify over-engineered processes:



Data Migrations and Conversions


Data Archival


Automated Technology Enabled Solutions


User-friendly interfaces (point-and-click)




A validated archive tool that simplifies moving and archiving data out of TrackWise® into an enterprise repository or into archiveIQ’s Repository System. It’s built-in data archiver schedules jobs to extract data out of TrackWise, and offers a user-friendly data repository system to allow for viewing, querying and reporting on archived data.




An automated solution that simplifies the data migration process. The point-and-click tool streamlines the process of extracting, importing and validating your data, and has data capture functionality for file attachments and audit trail reporting.




A web-based tool designed to efficiently manage your selection values. The user-friendly interface allows you to add, update and delete selection values and dependencies, keeping your master data and selection value lists in-sync across global operations.

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A proactive, digital solution to monitor your TrackWise application and infrastructure services. monitorIQ is an added-value benefit with our digital managed service contracts, and measures the health and performance of key application components 24/7, including TrackWise coordinator(s), web services, RAS services, as well as application and database servers.

Accelerated Solutions

for Your Enterprise's Unique Real-Life Challenges

Accelerated Solutions are quick launch, accelerated web service implementations that have been built using best practices and development experience. Have a custom solution up and running quicker, faster & more cost-effective; delivering immediate value. Ideal for organizations that have similar requirements to our pre-built solutions.




An Excel user-interface for adding, updating and removing your TrackWise grid data. It makes managing grid data easy, efficient and ensures data synchronization.

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A solution to facilitate TrackWise user management by minimizing the time and effort involved with high-volume account creation prior to release rollout.