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Shane joined Process Stream as the Managing Director of Consulting Solutions after several members of his previous team left to work with Bobby – and he decided to join the fun! His twenty years of experience in Quality within the Health and Life Sciences industry make him ideally suited to his position at Process Stream. With degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Applied Physics, he leads our geek squad. As a self-described “optimistic pessimist,” Shane is able to discern the risks and challenges within a project, yet convey an air of positivity that builds confidence in those around him. This has been an immensely useful skill in managing risk as well as working through contingency steps on projects.

Shane’s background in coaching and the military gives him unique insight about leadership that many other executives don’t possess. (And his love of “The Walking Dead” can help him plan for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, which doesn’t hurt either.)

Fun Facts

Favorite Movie:
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (The original)

Last Book Read for Fun:
“Moonwalking with Einstein,” by Joshua Foer.