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Shameica’s Six Sigma Greenbelt certification coupled with her experience in Quality improvement projects in both the financial and educational sectors make her an ideal fit for the role of Director of PMO. Additionally, her time with a software start-up brings her a fresh and interesting perspective, and she’s always looking to refine and expand the delivery team. Shameica is a self-described “borderline Type A personality masquerading as a true Type B” – she has the organization and control associated with the former and the laid-back persona that’s the trademark of the latter. Fortunately, her role as Director of PMO requires the best of both those worlds.

She gets plenty of experience outside of work as well, project managing five children ranging from ages 3 to 15 with her husband. While it doesn’t leave a whole lot of downtime, when she can steal a moment, she loves to read, coupon, and write. And maybe have a little butter pecan ice cream. As far as Shameica’s concerned, there are two kinds of people – people who like pineapple and Canadian bacon on their pizza, and people who are wrong.

Fun Facts

Last Book Read:
“Girl Boss,” by Sophia Amoruso

Favorite TV Show:
‘This is Us’