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Because Managing Your Selection
Values Should Be Easy

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selectionIQ by streamLABS makes managing quality data simpler, more effective, and more efficient. It’s an integrated, easy-access solution in constant communication with your quality system that keeps your data accurate, accessible, and in sync. That means you can really put it to work.


What is selectionIQ?

selectionIQ by streamLABS is a TrackWise®-based software solution that streamlines the administration of master data and selection value lists. It unifies selection values from across multiple worksites into a single one-stop shop and empowers local users.

The end result? A smarter quality ecosystem.

With an anywhere-access web-based user interface, selectionIQ by streamLABS turns managing large selection value lists and supporting data into a seamless, frictionless process. That means accurate, timely, and actionable data that’s always up to date.


Why selectionIQ?

Enterprises just like yours lose countless productive hours waiting for critical values to deploy into their systems, heightening their liability for risk. This is especially true where large lists, sometimes comprising millions of levels with long, multi-level dependencies, are concerned.

selectionIQ by streamLABS lets you put your data to work by making sure it’s easy to access, accurate, and totally in sync across multiple platforms and environments – every single day.

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How does selectionIQ simplify your operations?

  • Seamless, frictionless quality data administration
  • Allows users to add, update, and remove dependencies
  • Simplifies localization for global operations
  • Anywhere access via flexible web-based interface
  • Fast, accurate, and powerful search functions that deliver exactly what you need
  • Syncing across all environments



  • Near real-time updates
  • Web-based user interface
  • Seamless dependency management
  • Data export functionality
  • Simple search and filter
  • Handles high-volume data import
  • Operates independently, allowing you to utilize multiple applications
  • Automates nightly synchronization using flat files from external systems
  • Can add custom adapters to automate data synchronization from multiple external source systems