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Our Culture

What is it that gets you up in
the morning?

For us, it is delivering excellent solutions to extraordinary companies, together with outstanding people that aim to be the best in their field. Over the years we have developed a company culture where these people thrive.



Our Team: Being Better

We used to have a ping pong table that taught us that culture is something you do, not something you have. As our company grew, we left that table behind, but what we’ve retained is a priority to an outstanding company culture and a mission to always be better.

Now, we have a Be Better Team that meets every month to ensure that we connect and participate in one of four rotating categories:

Social | Network | Philanthropy | Education

We participate in fitness challenges, charity events, alumni pride events, continuing education opportunities, and much more.


Encouraging Growth

We encourage growth and improvement in many ways. From our top leaders to our interns, employees are continually offered resources and educational opportunities to lift our team to reach their goals, and to guarantee that Process Stream is on the cutting edge. Because by reaching their goals, we reach ours.

We want to see our employees happy, inspired, and energized, because we know that that’s when they do their best work.

By empowering our employees to harness an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong team mentality, Process Stream has become more than a leading quality systems consultancy. We are your dedicated team members.