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Resolve your TrackWise system's issues
before they become an incident

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monitorIQ powered by streamLABS is a proactive solution to monitor your TrackWise application and infrastructure’s services, ensuring that your services are up and running.


Enjoy the following benefits of monitorIQ included in your streamCARE package:

Proactive Approach

Monitor the performance, capacity, and health of the key components of your TrackWise applications including TrackWise coordinator(s), web services, RAS services, database and application servers 24/7 using monitorIQ.


Root Cause Analysis

Detailed application health and performance metrics help you pinpoint the root cause of your application’s issues ensuring a faster resolution time.


Dashboard View

Oversee your production instances, related services, databases, and servers from a single, easy-to-use, customizable web interface helping you have a bird’s eye view on the overall health of your TrackWise system’s services.


Save Time

Automated alerts, including notifications and reports provide you a head start on an issue before it becomes an incident. Automation allows streamCARE and internal support teams to minimize time spent troubleshooting issues and provides accurate measures to fix the issue.


Save Money

Minimize downtime, forecast capacity needs, optimize resources, reduce overhead, and achieve ROI.


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