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For over a decade, Mickey has been delivering global solutions for Enterprise Quality Management Systems, designing TrackWise and industry best practices in the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. As the Director of QMS Solutions for Process Stream, Mickey brings this expertise in Trackwise and QMS systems from multiple enterprises and global customers. He has been instrumental in implementing global systems for Fresenius, Teva, Abbott, Philips, Merck, Applied Materials, and many others in both the pharmaceutical and medical device verticals. 

Leveraging his background in computer information science and a detail-oriented, analytical nature, Mickey serves as a conduit for both understanding and clearly translating technical and business information. He leverages his extensive knowledge and expertise to continue to develop best practices, design innovative solutions, and maintain a high level of compliance for all TrackWise implementations globally.

In addition to his unmatched technical prowess, Mickey is an inspiring leader, having helped employees build their communication skills through team building exercises for nearly a decade. Practicing what he preaches, Mickey is very customer-focused, delivering unrivaled customer support through the very best solutions.

And while solving complex business problems keeps him dexterous by day, Israel dance keeps him nimble after office hours. In fact, between weekday practice and weekend dance festivals, you can find him shaking it up on the dance floor a whopping 4-5 times a week!

Fun Facts

Favorite Hobby:
Israel Dance

Last Book Read for Fun:
"What If?" by Randall Munroe