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As a Director of streamLABS, May comes with a strong consulting background. Having led many IT projects in the past enables her to see opportunities in building technology solutions that support and drive client implementations. May's key to developing a good product is bridging the gaps between the problem, where the product fits to solve that problem, and how both of those aspects fit the needs of that specific customer. 

May always believes in the power of 'team' which is the reason she appreciates Process Stream's culture. The words that best describe her are organized, detailed-oriented and observant. 

Outside of work, one of her hobbies is creating family digital photo albums. She loves to create memories her family can share and cherish for a lifetime. Her ideal Saturday is sitting in Central Park enjoying a cappuccino ice cream sundae.

Fun Facts

Favorite Classic Movie:
The Sound of Music

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
Toasted Black Sesame