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As the Director of streamLABS, May has experience as a senior business analyst, specializing in business process management. She brings an observant and detail-oriented approach to Process Stream’s customers (and her fluency in Chinese is pretty impressive, too.) Whether it’s incorporating a Supplier Audit system to ensure quality in consumer goods or tracking complaints, May always gives 110% to help the Process Stream team grow. Her keen ability to organize is a trait she considers essential to her consultative role. May loves Process Stream’s company culture as much as the people who keep it alive.

Outside of work, she leverages an organized and detail-oriented nature to create family photobooks. Her ideal Saturday is sitting in Central Park enjoying a cappuccino ice cream sundae.

Fun Facts

Favorite Movie:
Infernal Affairs

Last Book Read for Fun (with her daughter):
“The Tales of Desperaux,” by Kate DiCamillo