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With over fifteen years’ experience in corporate finance, global business operations, strategic planning and analysis, tax strategy, sales management, and risk & compliance, Ekata is helping Process Stream bring its vision of being a world-class Solutions Consulting and Product company to fruition. Ekata plays a critical role in both company & operational strategy, in addition to advising on many day-to-day initiatives. 

Leveraging a diverse background that has afforded her exposure to multiple organizational departments, Ekata is committed to maximizing long-term company value. She focuses on strategic long-range planning, working alongside the Executive Team to assess the team’s best foot forward while nurturing a business & culture that is reflective of the team’s values.
When she’s not leveraging her financial expertise to move the company forward, Ekata enjoys studying Reiki and energy healing, cooking with good music in the background, and advocating social responsibility. She proudly serves as Co-Founder and board member of Unity, a non-profit committed to educating individuals on the importance of social responsibility and providing them opportunities to make a difference.

Fun Facts

NBA Enthusiast

Favorite Ice Cream:
Oreo & Churro