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Bruce brings a unique perspective to Quality systems, with a degree in Operations Technology and boots on the ground work as a Quality-trained Manufacturing Engineer. Bruce has a combined twenty years of experience selling Manufacturing Execution Software, as well as Enterprise Quality Management Solutions at Sparta Systems, positioning him for success as the Senior Sales Director for Enterprise Accounts at Process Stream. He understands the pain of poor quality all too well, having experienced it firsthand during his time as an engineer. He can speak directly to his customers’ issues, empathizing with their frustrations and offering them a shared perspective. Bruce loves Process Stream’s fantastic culture and how they always put customer success first. 

An avid outdoorsman, Bruce enjoys skiing of both the water and snow varieties. His ideal Saturday involves spending time at the lake.

Fun Facts

Favorite Show:
Game of Thrones

Most Recent Book Read for Fun:
‘The Man in the High Castle,’ by Philip K. Dick