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As founder and CEO, Bobby has guided Process Stream’s Vision, Growth and Mission. Since its inception, Bobby has strived to make Process Stream a world-class Solutions Consulting and Products firm, while building a singular company culture that emphasizes creativity, expertise and familial ties. Process Stream’s culture is a major part its success, and the thrill of new challenges is something his employees thrive on. Bobby’s commitment to Quality and always looking at what is around the bend ensure that Process Stream’s employees and customers are always set up for success.

An entrepreneur since childhood, Bobby thrives on the challenges of entrepreneurship and loves to give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs through mentorship and participation in programs that help support students who are finding their entrepreneurship path.

On a perfect Saturday, you will find Bobby grilling in his back yard, but most Saturdays are spent running around his kids’ sporting events. He loves reading business magazines to stay sharp, and focuses on being an innovative leader for his incredible team.

Fun Facts

Tennis, Golf, Soccer, and Reading

Favorite Pizza Topping:
Cheese (He likes to keep it simple.)