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Integrated intelligence.

IQ Selection

selectionIQTM by streamLABS is a software solution that raises intelligence in quality systems. It streamlines the administration of master data and selection value lists, featuring a web-based user interface that allows users to seamlessly add, update, and delete dependencies.

selectionIQTM makes managing and administering your selection values and supporting data a seamless, frictionless process by reimagining how they fit together. The result? Data that's timely, accurate, and actionable.

Is It Time to Raise Your System's IQ?

Enterprises lose countless hours waiting for critical values to deploy into their system - increasing their organization's risk.

Smarter Selection Values

selectionIQTM is smart about your data. An integrated solution that's in constant communication with your system, selectionIQTM can provide near-real time updates to your fields and deliver accurate and timely ad-hoc reporting. It creates a workflow cycle that both allows users to input values and data administrators to approve values prior to them going live. This ensures that you've got perfect data - every time.

Smarter Selection Values

Easy Access

There's no complicated proprietary interface; selectionIQTM is operated via a web portal for everywhere accessibility and complete ease of use.

Easy Access
Quality Connected TrackWise

Totally Connected

selectionIQTM keeps your master data and selection value lists in sync near real time in your Production System, so whatever your source, you’ve always got the right data.

Fast, Accurate Search

You don't need to pour through thousands and thousands of lines of data anymore, because you've got one of the most powerful search functions backing you up and helping you find exactly the entry you need exaclty when you need it.

The Right Dependencies

selectionIQTM lets you seamlessly add, delete, and update dependencies as you need to - quickly and easily. That means that you can keep your system up to date without a massive time commitment, freeing up resources to be where you need them.

The Right Dependencies

Quality Connected - Trackwise

Process StreamTM has partnered with Sparta Systems to develop selectionIQTM as a fully-authorized TrackWise extension. selectionIQTM will be available to TrackWise customers as a Quality Connect Licensed Product and will seamlessly integrate with customers existing TrackWise Infrastructure.


  • Near real-time updates
  • Web-based user interface
  • Seamless dependency management
  • Data export functionality
  • Simple search and filter
  • Can handle high-volume data import
  • Can operate independently, allowing you to utilize for multiple applications
  • Can automate nightly synchronization using flat files from external systems
  • Ability to add custom adapters to automate data synchronization from multiple external source systems