migrationIQ by streamLABS lets data flow easily between quality systems, which means fewer problems caused by inefficient manual processes. It helps you bring existing quality systems together, making everything from M&A to disentanglements a simpler process than ever before.

What is migrationIQ?

migrationIQ by streamLABS is a fully-validated application that works right out of the box to make moving data into and out of TrackWise® painless and reliable. The goal is to make it so that data migrations go smoothly and easily, without the chaos caused by manual errors.

This transformative software solution takes the guesswork out of data migration, so you can be confident that your system-to-system transfer was done right – the first time.

Why migrationIQ?

Data migration should be easy.

Moving data between systems is a time-consuming operation marred by error-prone manual processes. migrationIQ by streamLABS simplifies everything, improving accuracy and efficiency by streamlining data migration from the ground up.

How does migrationIQ simplify your operations?

  • Easy TrackWise®-to-TrackWise® migration
  • 100% data capture including file attachments and audit trails
  • Reduced human error
  • Support for use cases including M&A, divestitures, disentanglements, and new TrackWise® system implementations


  • Multiple data source support (TrackWise® and CSV)
  • Point and click mappings between sources and target data points
  • Multiple built-in transformations and custom field types
  • Custom scripting support a la Groovy
  • Automated Crystal Report generation (V1.1)
  • File attachment extraction
  • Automated PR import configuration
  • Manual and fully automated modes
  • 100% data validation report post-migration
  • Automated requirements documentation based on product setup (V1.1)