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Your Data. Exactly Where You Need It.

A transformative software solution that makes data migration in and out of TrackWise® simple and efficient, migrationIQ™ ensures your data gets where you need it in a validated and reliable manner, and can be utilized by either internal or external resources.


Why migrationIQTM?

migrationIQTM offers easy TrackWise®-to-TrackWise® migration, erasing the headaches caused by manual migration and simplifying your M&A process.

Consisting of a fully-validated suite of tools requiring no custom development, migrationIQTM allows for 100% data capture, including file attachments, audit trail, and custom report generation.


migrationIQTM Features

  • Multiple data source support (TrackWise® and CSV)
  • Point and click mappings between sources and target data points
  • Multiple built-in transformations and custom field types
  • Custom scripting support ala Groovy
  • File attachment extraction
  • Automated PR import configuration
  • Manual and fully automated modes
  • 100% data validation report post-migration
  • Automated Crystal Report generation
  • Automated requirements documentation based on tool setup

migrationIQTM is successfully employed in the following use cases:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions – migrationIQTM can easily facilitate the process of bringing in existing TrackWise® systems as well as migrating data from another QMS into TrackWise®
  • Consolidation – migrationIQTM simplifies the process of harmonizing multiple TrackWise® systems
  • Divestitures/Disentanglements – migrationIQTM can easily move quality data into multiple TrackWise® systems