Rave Reviews


  • "Nav and Thenu - Great job on the knowledge transfer this week. The steps were clear and the team confirmed they understood what needs to get done. "
    Project Manager
  • Krishna-Thanks for resolving the issue and providing a clear explanation. At times, in the long run, ensuring that the user understands exactly what happened can be just as, if not, more important than fixing the issue.
    Sr. Project Manager
  • Thanks Lucy!!! This team has really done an incredible job. It has truly been my pleasure working with this team.
    Project Manager
  • Tato, I performed a thorough test of the web service and it’s running like a top. Thank you again for all your hard work.
    Sr. Principal Software Engineer
  • Mariam-Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate you keeping the test case team straight and your arms around the outstanding test case work and working with us each day to set priorities.
    Project Manager
  • Mariam, Thanks so much for stepping up and demonstrating leadership with the status and trying to get us to a final number
    IT Project Manager
  • Thanks so much for all of your efforts to make this happen Lucy!!!
    Project Manager
  • Once again, thanks so much for all of your efforts to make this happen Lucy!!!
    Project Manager, Enterprise Services Strategy & Operations
  • Dhara is is a rock STAR!
    Director, Global Policy and Procedure Management
  • Nancy, I wanted to let you know that I received good feedback on UATs which are now being reviewed and approved, and I have indicated that the draft was written by you. Thank you again for your hard work and commitment in producing quality test scripts while you were working with us.
    CSV Specialist
  • Great job entire project team! Thank you entire Process StreamTM team for being assiduous and persistent with all the time and partnering with us to close this critical upgrade.
    Director IT
  • Go May!! As expected. So proud and blessedto have you on our team.
    Customer Engagement Manager
  • I have been very impressed with May’s knowledge and contributions to this meeting. I reallyappreciate her thoughtful answers and her attention to detail. It isreally great to have her on this project.
    Director, BIS Solutions Delivery for Global R&D and Customer Relations
  • Dhara, Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication! Your attention to detail and consistent top-level effort you put in was really appreciated. We were very happy to have you on board and are looking forward to working again with you in the future!
    Manager, Product Quality
  • Hi PS Management Team - Just wanted to share compliments towards May and Bien that were highlighted to our management team for their tremendous effort.
    Customer Engagement Manager, Strategic Accounts
  • Dear Shane, Bobby, Dhara, Jia, and Shalini, I too would like to express my thanks. It has truly been a pleasure working with all of you and I look forward to working together again! Thanks very much for all your efforts!!
    Post-Market Data Analyst
  • Nav Krishnan and Emeline David are fantastic WS developers. They do not need to be micro-managed and produce great results that our customers have always been pleased with.
    Customer Engagement Manager
  • Dhara has been a star, same as always! She is a great asset to your team!
    Business Relationship Manager, IM
  • I want to thank you and everyone else involved for how successful this process is going. I are very impressed with the level of collaboration we have received on this process and particularly appreciate the consideration of advanced planning and growth and building additional efficiencies within the system. Rahul has created a truly collaborative work environment which we have addressed multiple issues, which we were previously unaware, and will have a much leaner and efficient system.
    Sr. Manager, Regulatory Compliance
  • Emeline and Nav are outstanding resources. It’s a pleasure to have them on my projects!
    Customer Engagement Manager, Sparta Systems, Inc.
  • Sparta is developing a pipeline for efforts similar to Geoff’s work being done at AbbVie. Geoff has done a great job over at AbbVie and we sincerely appreciate it. As we identify key accounts where we can leverage his unique experience on this project, I will definitely ensure to put him at the top of the list of candidates.
    Customer Engagement Manager, Sparta Systems Inc.
  • The senior executives had nothing but praise for the current team and I think it was through all of your collective efforts that the Sparta project was held in such high regard.
    Senior Executive, Global Medical Device Company
  • I have been singing Process Stream’sTM praises to everyone I have spoken to you, I can’t thank you all enough for your support & commitment to date!
    Business Relationship Manager, Information Management Company
  • I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Tato for making this happen. He put in odd hours and his part of the project was critical – the users would never accept TrackWise if it didn’t integrate with our CRM system.
    IT Project Manager
  • I want to thank Randy George and the whole team for developing a solution for our company that will enable and improve our organization’s processes for mitigating risk due to non-conformities. This solution is a great example of Sales, SC, PS, PM, Customer Support and Education collaborating on their efforts to meet clients expectations by providing exemplary service, and knowledge transfer while adhering to their budget and timeline.
    IT Project Manager
  • I wanted to share with you how truly awesome it is working with Bien! He is such a knowledgeable team player and strong individual contributor! So often, I will hear something, ask a question and Bien very eagerly and professionally communicates the answer to provide assistance! Even when it is not “his work” he is assisting in explaining! In addition, I will later get emails with additional information and documents to flourish even deeper in my knowledge and understanding! What an awesome team player and it is SO great working with Bien! What an asset!
    Senior Business Analyst, Global Consumer Goods
  • I wanted to slow down my work today and take the time to share with you how phenomenal May is with her commitment, layers of detail, knowledge, team player, strong individual contributor and attention to detail and larger picture! It has been AWESOME getting myself up to speed on the Plano, TX meetings I was not a part of this week and weekend with using May’s superior notes, attention to detail with progress, decisions and next steps! What an awesome asset to Sparta and I SO very enjoy working with May! Her, Harrel and Bien make this PQP TW project an extremely POSITIVE experience! WAHOO! Go May, Harrel and Bien!
    Senior Business Analyst, Global Consumer Goods
  • I was very impressed with Santosh during validation plan creation and that he was a pleasure to work with.
    QA Validation Manager
  • It’s an absolute pleasure working with Nancy. Keep up the good work - excellent ! Star of the day!!
    Global Project Manager
  • Shane, Thank you. The support & commitment we have received from you & your team is greatly appreciated.
    Business Relationship Manager, Information Management Company
  • Thank you May for preparing the training material and leading the Europe Business training call this morning and for going above and beyond. Great Work!
    Project Manager, Professional Services, Sparta Systems, Inc.
  • I am very happy with the results of this project and glad to have Tato on our team. His expertise has been invaluable in making the design a reality. He has been very prompt in fixing issues that we have found during initial testing.
    Customer Engagement Manager
  • Tato, I want to thank you so very much for completing the project so quickly and efficiently.
    Client Engagement Manager
  • Thank you for the amazing efforts that you have been putting in with the project but specifically this week in order to meet our agreed deliverables (even as they continue to change things). I know you have worked hard with long hours this week to make sure we succeeded in meeting our goals. Multiple people have recognized the hard work that has been put in this week and unfortunately for the validation team- next week as well. It has been said from several of them that they see your team is committed to their success!
    Senior Executive, Global Medical Device Company
  • Thank you for the continued support with the go-live of a new Non-Conformance/CAPA system.
    Customer Engagement Manager
  • We just wanted you to know the excellent job that May is doing on this Interface. She has been very pro-active in communication. I should say this is one of the Interfaces where I am very hands off with May leading from front. We appreciate all the work she & your team has been doing and supporting us to remain on track with our critical milestones.
    Associate Director, Solution Architecture

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