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Transforming Your Business Through Web-Based Interoperability

While TrackWise® is both powerful and versatile, it still has limits which may need to be supplemented by additional platforms. This can be a problem when you need multiple systems to not only speak to one another, but to coordinate and work together. Process StreamTM possesses the technical expertise to extend existing TrackWise® functionality through web-based interaction between multiple platforms, allowing your company to have off-the-shelf systems act like they’re a single seamless operation. No seams means no friction. Supplementary platforms can be configured to create new Records, Persons, or Entities, post TrackWise® activities, or even independently manage TrackWise® workflows.

Process StreamTM will create custom interfaces for both back-end and front-end services, allowing ease of use by clients at every level and enabling integrated systems to implement advanced business logic normally unsupported by TrackWise®.

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Web Services and Integrations

With Process StreamTM, your quality management systems can:

  • Add advanced reporting and notification features
  • Add advanced jobs
  • Look up data that is not natively accessed in TrackWise® in real time
  • Post TrackWise® activities and manage TrackWise® workflows from outside systems
  • Crunch complex custom business logic in seconds

Designed to be bullet-proof, Process StreamTM web services build systems that are easier to maintain thanks to standardized code; there’s no mess to clean up, and we can provide long-term support and mentoring to assist you in keeping your enterprise quality management platforms optimized well into the future.

Designing and implementing web services in-house can be risky if you don’t have the expertise to create a seamless operation; you may simply be creating additional holes you will need to plug, to say nothing of the possibility of breaking licensing and support agreements. Our staff of Sparta-accredited resources has the detailed inside-and-out knowledge of TrackWise® to successfully create functions that are integral, seamless, and tailor-fit for your organization.

Process StreamTM web services harmonizes your systems and secures your operations.

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